Free Breast Cancer Aftercare And Wellness Seminars.

Open the door to a world where you can learn ways to optimise your recovery from breast cancer with a wonderful mix of leading Sunshine Coast health professionals.

Breast Cancer Thrivership Program

Having breast cancer can result in great upheaval in your life. We are hoping to turn that upheaval into a force for change and that change is for a better you.

The Thrivership Program has been designed by a dedicated team of health professionals who know there is more to be done for our breast cancer patients. We have doctors, physios, psychologists, nurses, therapists, charities and support services, all on board to provide the help you need to make some positive steps in your health journey.

We have developed a five step program of interactive lectures and Q&A to help understand how breast cancer can impact your life and how you can minimise that impact. Topics covered will include surgery and post operative recovery, lymphoedema prevention and management, the importance of nutrition and exercise, psychological aspects of breast cancer and looking after your sexual health.

The program will be run three times a year and you can pick up the lectures at any stage through the year, as many times as you want!

The lectures will take place on Saturday morning between 9am and 11am at a variety of locations around the Sunshine Coast.

Session Details:

Post Surgery, Exercise & Nutrition

This seminar reveals what happens to our body when you undergo surgery and how that may limit your activity, either temporarily or more permanently. It will also look at how radiation can change the bodies ability to function at its very best. Most importantly, we will be looking at how exercise and physiotherapy can help restore your body to working order. Possibly even better than before!

Your speakers for this seminar will include a breast surgeon, a radiation oncologist and a physiotherapist with a specialty interest in breast cancer and exercise.

Post Radiation and Lymphoedema

Lymphoedema is a potential chronic and debilitating side effect following breast cancer treatment. This lecture will educate you on what lymphoedema is, how you can prevent lymphoedema, and even how it can be reversed in early stages. We will also discuss best practice management for anyone with existing lymphoedema.

Eating well, achieving and maintaining good nutrition throughout treatment and recovery, is vital. We will identify dietary approaches to managing treatment effects and talk through the science of good nutrition.

Your speakers for this seminar will include a medical oncologist, a dietitian specialising in cancer care and a physiotherapist with expertise in lymphoedema management.

Sexual Health

Sexual wellbeing means different things to different people. In this seminar we will be identifying changes that can occur to our bodies that can impact on sexual health and pelvic function as a result of the different treatment regimes for Breast Cancer. The changes affect people differently, but it is important to understand what may happen, why it happens and most importantly, how you can address the issues in a positive way.

Your speakers will include a Medical Oncologist, Urogynaecologist and Physiotherapists who are skilled in managing pelvic health with a special interest in Breast Cancer.

Emotional Health

Individuals may experience a range of emotions following a diagnosis of breast cancer and these feelings can change or become more intense at different stages throughout the treatment trajectory. This seminar will focus on how a diagnosis may affect an individual, including the impact of breast cancer on emotional well-being, relationships with others, and cognitive functions such as memory and concentration. As well, there is often the assumption that after treatment life returns to “normal”, but for many that “normal” has been redefined. We will discuss the importance of optimising your psychological health throughout treatment and beyond in order to navigate the unwanted changes brought about by a cancer diagnosis, and how to access specialist support in the community.

Speakers at this seminar will include a Clinical Psychologist, Counsellor and Medical Oncologist.

Hormone Blocking Medication / Panel - Beyond Breast Cancer

Hormone Blocking Medication are the oral tablets prescribed for people who have hormone positive Breast Cancer. This Education Session will be presented by a Medical Oncologist who will discuss the role and benefits of Hormone Blocking Medication, and how to manage side effects.

Why did we develop the
Breast Cancer Thrivership Program?

The impact of breast cancer doesn't stop after surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Breast cancer can have an influence on every corner of your life. Many issues arise following treatment for breast cancer, but these issues don't often get the time or attention required during the initial treatment phases.

As health professionals who collaboratively have looked after breast cancer patients for many years, we realised there was a significant need for a 'next steps' program following surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. We realised we needed to bring Oncology Specialists and Allied Health Professionals together to help bridge this gap. This was how the Breast Cancer Thrivership Program was founded in 2019.

Our aim is to provide current evidence based information, encouragement and support to people with breast cancer, so they can take the next step in improving their own health. It is a daily effort to make the most of life, particularly when you have hurdles ahead. We hope that we can empower women and men to tackle the struggles ahead and triumph!

The health professionals who have come on board, resonate with this ethos and we are indebted to them for their generosity of time and knowledge.

We are looking forward to our first seminar series starting Feb 8 2020 and hope it is the beginning of a new era of breast cancer care on the Coast.
Lisa Creighton & Ken McKenzie - Breast Cancer Thrivership Program Founders & Organisers

Program Speakers & Specialists

Dr. Lisa Creighton

Dr. Lisa Creighton

Surgeon / Program Founder
Lisa is a specialist oncoplastic breast surgeon who has been looking after patients on the Sunshine Coast for over 16 years. She is passionate about looking after the whole patient’s needs, which is why she is thrilled to be involved with the “Breast Cancer Thrivership Program”.
Jen McKenzie

Jen McKenzie

Physiotherapist / Program Founder

Jen is a Lymphoedema Physiotherapist and ESSA Accredited Exercise Physiologist and is passionate about caring for patients during and after Breast Cancer Treatment. Jen founded the Thrivership Program to help patients with Breast Cancer return to their most optimal health following surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.

Dr. Debra Furniss

Radiation Oncologist

Debra Furniss is the Regional Medical Director, Sunshine Coast. She is based at the Sunshine Coast and North Brisbane and attends GenesisCare Buderim and Chermside treatment centres.

Dr. Lisa Creighton

Dr. Peta Higgs


Peta is a sub-specialist urogynaecologist practicing at The Sunshine Coast Private Hospital since 2007. Her interests include female urinary incontinence, vaginal prolapse and laparoscopic pelvic floor repair.

Dr. Jeremy Long

Dr. Jeremy Long

Medical oncologist

Jeremy Long is a staff specialist Medical Oncologist and Clinical Director at Nambour General Hospital and Gympie Hospital. He is a member of the executive committee of the State Wide Cancer Network promoting multidisciplinary, evidence based cost effective cancer care.

Dr. Michelle Morris

Dr. Michelle Morris

Medical oncologist

Michelle has experience in treating a broad range of solid tumour malignancies, with areas of interest including breast cancer, gastrointestinal and urological malignancies. She has been active in improving cancer clinical trial access for both public and private patients on the Sunshine Coast and promoting quality, multidisciplinary care.

Julie Bolton

Julie Bolton


Julie completed her Master of Counselling at the University of the Sunshine Coast some years after her own personal experience with breast cancer. She has a deep empathy for those diagnosed with cancer and their loved ones, and is passionate about assisting clients to optimise quality of life and emotional well-being.

Dr. Marcel Knesl

Dr. Marcel Knesl

Radiation Oncologist

Marcel is a consultant radiation oncologist at Icon Cancer Centre Maroochydore. He also has a consultant appointment at the newly opened Sunshine Coast University Hospital, and is currently Icon’s Director of Radiation Oncology. He also enjoys being a Senior Lecturer at Griffith Medical School.

Annette Bezear

Annette Bezear

Women’s Health Physiotherapist

Annette completed her physiotherapy studies in New Zealand and has over 36 years of clinical experience. Annette now consults at The McKenzie Clinic providing pelvic floor rehabilitation and continence management for both men and women.

Fiona Rogers

Fiona Rogers

Women’s Health Physiotherapist

Fiona has been a physiotherapist for over 30 years and has spent the past 20 working exclusively in women’s health. She also owns the website Pelvic Floor Exercise which provides education on pelvic health. She continues to do some clinical work locally and is passionate about multidisciplinary care for patients.

Tim Black

Tim Black


Tim is an Accredited Practicing dietitian with over 10 years experience, specialising in chronic disease management including: - weight loss, diabetes management, heart disease prevention, cholesterol and high blood pressure reduction, gluten-free eating for coeliac disease and the management of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

Seminar Schedule

Autumn Seminar Series

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Winter Seminar Series

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Spring Seminar Series

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The Thrivership Program organisers are looking forward to meeting everyone and would ask if you would please register yourself and indicate the total number of people in your group to give us a idea of the number of attendees.

Seminar Selection:
Please select the seminar dates that best suit your schedule. Feel free to to mix and match across seminar series.

Support Network Attendees
Partners, carers, family and support network members are all welcome to our seminars as well, please include them in the "Number of Attendees" when you register.

With the changes COVID-19 is bringing to our daily lives it may be necessary to postpone the delivery of our seminars, rest assured when it is safe for you, our program attendees and our speakers and support team we will reschedule as soon as is possible.

Stay in touch with the Thrivership team and be informed of any program changes and updates on our Facebook page at

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